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The tenant acknowledges that One Stop Storage & Rentals shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for loss or damages of any kind to the property or the tenant on the premises at any time, for any reason whatsoever, without limiting the generality of the forgoing, and without exclusion. The tenant also acknowledges that One Stop Storage & Rentals shall not be liable whatsoever for any personal injuries of any kind sustained by any person in or around the premises, the entryway, or any common area associated therewith. The tenant takes responsibility for his or her own unit at all times. The tenant will contact One Stop Storage & Rentals with any changes to the tenant’s address, phone number, and/or payment details. The tenant may use the space only for the outdoor storage of one approved vehicle, or vehicle combination, lawfully owned or in the possession of the tenant, and for no other use or purpose. No maintenance or changing of vehicle fluids are allowed on the premises other than normal cleaning and winter weather preparation. All personal property of the tenant must be stored inside of the approved vehicle or attached to said vehicle. Unsecured property or abandoned property may be disposed of without notice.

The unit shall be used only for unheated storage. The tenant shall not introduce any heating device into the unit. The tenant shall not use or permit the unit to be used for storage of flammable substances, fertilizers, explosives, animals, any hazardous materials or any other articles which may constitute a nuisance, hazard or danger to the landlord, the premises, and/or the tenants. The tenant assumes all risk in relation to the loss or damage to the contents of personal property of the tenant in the unit from any cause whatsoever. The landlord shall have no responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to such contents from any cause whatsoever. The landlord reserves the right to enter the unit without notice, for the purpose of inspection whenever the landlord deems that repairs are necessary, any hazardous condition exists, or for any breach of this agreement. The tenant will contact One Stop Storage & Rentals with any changes to the tenant’s address, phone number, and/or payment details.

The tenant hereby rents a space in the yard known as One Stop Storage & Rentals in the Route 99
Business Park in the RM of Rosthern, for the monthly rent as referred to above, on a monthly basis. Rent is payable in advance prior to the term of tenancy. Access to the premises is 24 hours per day 7 days per week. This agreement may be terminated by One Stop Storage & Rentals for any reason and without just cause at any time with 10 days registered notice to the tenant at the above email address. The tenant warrants that they are solely responsible for all properties stored on the premises and they will carry ALL insurance on all property stored on the premises. The tenant shall provide valid credit card or PAD details for One Stop Storage & Rentals to hold on file in the case of damages and for monthly rent payments. Provided the landlord was given proper notice of vacating, and there are no damages to the One Stop Storage & Rentals facility, the payment option on file will not be charged additional charges, only typical rent payments. Should the tenant wish to vacate, the tenant agrees to provide emailed notice to One Stop Storage & Rentals at If a payment method defaults, the tenant’s access to the premises will be prohibited while rent is in arrears. The tenant acknowledges that if the rent remains unpaid 60 days after the due date One Stop Storage & Rentals will apply a $25.00 per day fee over and above all other fees. For all accounts 90 days in arrears, One Stop Storage & Rentals is permitted to take possession of all stored property and sell the stored property to pay for the tenant’s debts. The tenant acknowledges that the following rules will be strictly followed: No loose goods whatsoever will be left on or around the premises. No stored property will be occupied at any time as a business or residence, for any amount of time whatsoever. There will be no loitering on the premises. No smoking on the premises. No animals in or around stored property.

The tenant agrees to abide by all the above terms and conditions and agrees that the above constitutes the entire agreement between One Stop Storage & Rentals and the tenant. The tenant acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement.

Upon typing your first/last name and the date this agreement becomes legally binding and the indicated amount will be billed monthly unless a cancellation is requested.

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