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Storage tips

Not sure which type of storage you looking for? Not to worry, our experts will help you in choosing the right one.

Which storage unit size do you require for your items?

OSSR offers a wide range of storage unit sizes and options

When it comes to indoor storage, OSSR understands the amount of storage needed is one of the most crucial factors to consider. We have a team of people who can assist you in finding the right storage option for you.


Highlights of the OSSR Services

Air Supply

We offer onsite air compressors for storage customers to use as they need. 

Garbage & Recycling

We offer onsite garbage and recycling bins for storage customers to use as they need. 

On Site Forklift

We offer, for a small fee, an onsite forklift and operator to our customers for unloading and loading purposes.

Firewood Supply

We offer firewood for our storage customers to take as they need. Free of charge as supplies last.

Camper/Trailer Parking

We offer an experienced driver to park your trailer or RV for a small fee.

On Site Septic Dump

We offer an onsite septic tank for our storage customers to use as they need. 

If you need storage, Contact Us !